Marathon season is fast approaching, and if you’re training to tackle this tremendous task, Athletic Republic in Midland would love to offer some help. Make sure you follow these tips in order to perform your best and steer clear of injury.

Build distance slowly

You need to incorporate one long run each week into your training for obvious reasons. It can be tempting to get out there and run as far as you can, but this is a surefire way to injure yourself. Instead, start with lengths you are already comfortable with (perhaps 10k) and gradually increase the distance by 10% each week.

Find the right fuel

It’s important to make sure you get enough calories while training for a marathon, as endurance training can really burn through them. If you don’t eat enough to make up for this, you’ll find yourself becoming weaker and possibly unable to go the distance! Ensure you’re getting adequate nutrition both before and after your runs, and on long runs you will almost definitely need to eat something during the run itself. Experiment with different sports gels and bars to find one that you like and that doesn’t cause you any digestive discomfort, then stick with it!

Pick perfect shoes

Finding a good pair of running shoes can be difficult, as there are literally thousands to choose from. It’s a good idea to visit a specialist running store to have your gait and posture analyzed so they can fix you up with the exact right pair. You’ll need to keep an eye on the state of your shoes too, especially as you’ll be racking up the miles. Running shoes should be replaced when worn or broken, and it’s a good idea to replace them after around 400 miles or running.

Recruit friends!

Running can be a hundred times easier if you have someone to run with - although of course you may enjoy solitary running - so, if this is the case, recruit friends to join you for some of your shorter runs, sections of your long run, or even in training to complete a marathon themselves! It’s a good time of year to convince people to join in, as they’re probably feeling guilty about not having kept their New Year’s resolutions.

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