It’s the season of speed here at Athletic Republic in Midland so we would like to offer you some suggestions for exercises to boost your acceleration, sprint speed, and overall explosive power. Regardless of whether you’re a dedicated runner, a QB or a tennis player, wherever and whenever you play, up your speed and up your game by following these tips.

Plyometric exercises

Plyometrics are excellent for building the specific muscle groups required for the explosive power that enables you to accelerate and sprint faster. Incorporate the following into your workouts:

Jump squats - with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down (being careful to keep a straight spine) as low as you can, then explode upwards and jump into the air. Squat again upon landing and focus on continuous movement.
Standing long jumps - simply work on jumping as far forwards as possible from a standing position. Focus on deriving the power for your jumps from your legs and hips and try to minimize recovery time between jumps.
Box jumps - find a box or bench of an appropriate height and jump onto it from standing. Focus on spending as little time on the ground and on the box as possible; it’s all about keeping your feet off the ground!

Sprint and fartlek workouts

Of course the best practice for sprinting is sprinting, so get out on the track and run. If you get bored or tired of simply sprinting day in day out, try incorporating some fartlek workouts in your routine. ‘Fartlek’ is Swedish for ‘speed play’, and it basically consists of including periods of sprinting throughout your regular runs. Try warming up then sprinting for 30 seconds, running at a recovery pace for 1 minute, sprinting for 30 seconds, recovery pace for 1 minute, and so on. The great thing about fartlek is that you can adapt it to your needs; if you need to be able to sprint for longer, focus on extending your sprint periods. If you need to increase your sprint speed, focus on shorter, faster bursts with longer recovery times in between.

Speed is crucial for a performance athlete, but don’t sacrifice your endurance. Make sure to mix up your workouts so you can maximize your stamina, too.

The best way to increase your speed is to enlist the help of the experts at Athletic Republic. We have scientifically-developed programs to focus in on any area of your performance you need to improve, so call us at (989) 923-1952 for sports training in Midland.