You may be the quickest off the mark, but skip endurance work and you won’t be half the runner you could be. Here at Athletic Republic in Midland we have some tips for boosting your stamina so that you can leave your competitors in the dust no matter how long the race.


Endurance training is a long road. Don’t expect to incorporate one long run in your training program and become a marathon runner overnight. Instead, try adding 1 mile to your long run each week and gradually rack up the distance. If you are already a fairly seasoned runner, swap out the 1 mile increases for a 10% weekly increase.

Don’t Overdo It

One major mistake many athletes make is to confuse endurance training with overtraining. Trying to sprint an entire 10k is guaranteed to cause an injury. A good tactic is to run your long runs at 80% pace. If you have excess energy towards the end of your run, you can pick up the pace for the last 20% of the distance. There is a time and a place for speedwork, so ensure to incorporate it in other workouts.

Try Plyometrics

The best overall training for running is, surprisingly, running, but plyometrics can help give you an extra edge. Try jumprope and skipping drills and high-knee sprints to help get your feet moving as quickly as possible. Core work can provide a major boost to your form and stamina too (the core supports the entire body, after all) so try including core exercises like planks and push-ups in your weekly routine.


Endurance isn’t just a matter of physical fitness; you’ve got to be strong mentally, too. Focus on how much you’re improving to keep your spirits up on long runs, and just think about what you’ll be able to achieve if you stick to your plans.

If you’re training hard, you need to be eating right. Check our guide to pre- and post-workout snacks and make sure your body’s getting the fuel it needs to perform.

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